Remodeling Home for Aging – Elders Can Stay Independent for Long!

Remodeling a home for aging allows you or the elderly member in the family to stay independent for long. A good renovation helps to enhance the aesthetics and functions of the home making it more comfortable and accessible for the future.

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Tips for remodeling home for aging

Simple tips

  • Think about mobility space to make daily functions easier.
  • Change home into an open layout concept.
  • Accommodate master bedroom on the main level. Choose widening doors. If the main level is not an alternative to plan a bedroom then install stairlifts.
  • Replace the doorknobs with lever handles.
  • Install sensor lights at the entrance of every room.
  • Replace traditional faucets with motion control or blade handle models.
  • Eliminate the long hallways and if it is not possible widen room openings or doorways to a minimum of 36”.
  • Consider side-opening wall ovens rather than doors folding down in the front.
  • Lower the wall switches across the home for easy reach. If possible, install an illuminated version for safety.

Kitchen tips

  • If you can open up the kitchen. An open concept will offer space to move around without or with assistive devices.
  • You are not sure that your aging dear one or you will need a wheelchair or a walker in the future.
  • Eliminate throw rugs because they can cause trips & falls, instead install slip-resistant carpet or mats.
  • Install tailored storage solution in the cabinet for easy accessibility. For example, glide-out shelves in the lower cabinet and pull-down shelves in the upper cabinet offer comfort. Instead of knobs consider D-shaped handles for the cabinetry as they are easy to grip. For better visibility install recessed lighting to illuminate countertops and cabinetry.
  • Lower cooktop for easy access to the burners by someone from a wheelchair or short in height.

Bathroom tips

Mobility is a crucial area, which is a challenge in the bathroom for elderly people.

  • Add a bathroom to the main level and beside your bedroom [if you don’t have one].
  • Bathroom has to be large for ease of moving around the toilet, shower, and counter with or without supporting devices.
  • Install slip-resistant flooring.
  • Install a high toilet for enhanced accessibility and if you don’t desire to replace invest in a seat extender.
  • Consider automatic flushing setup.
  • A touch-less faucet will make washing easy in the sink.
  • Consider an adjustable shower head, so it can be used while sitting or standing.
  • Bathtub is hard to get in & out, so choose a curbless shower for easy accessibility.
  • Choose showers with anti-scalding temperature controls.
  • Include stylish grab bars near the bathtub or shower and even close to the toilet.

Planning in advance to address the challenges as we age is worth the time and effort when you plan to build a new home or plan to remodel. Some simple renovation fixes can help an elderly member or you to age in place and stay independent!


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