How to Put Your Music on iTunes & All Major Music Platforms

A good music distributor is a reason that an unsigned artist can quickly get air plays and end up on the Billboard charts. Music distributors are known to be the salesmen and the middlemen between the artists and the audience. If you are a new artist (or an old one) then you can get your music discovered simply by getting a good distributor to circulate your music. Many independent and unsigned artists have ended up going from relative obscurity to sold-out shows and concerts. This is what a good distributor will do to your musical career. They help you sell music online without much effort.


Looking for a good music distributor

If you are looking to put your music on iTunes and other huge mainstream music platforms, you will need a good distributor to do this. doing this alone might not be a money-wise venture since you will be burning through your budget. A distributor will get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and other major streaming platforms for next to nothing. This means that you will need to get a reliable and trustworthy music distributor. When you get one, ensure that you ascertain their credibility and influence in the music industry. Also, try to know what it will cost to sell your music on iTunes, and many other platforms through their services. Many genuine distributors offer these services for a minimal fee.


Signing up with one

Once you are certain of the authenticity and credibility of the distributor in the music marketplace, you can then decide to sign on with them. Many music distributors now have online platforms that enable people from all over the world to submit their music. Once you sign up on the online platform, you have begun the journey to sell your music on Amazon, iTunes, Tik Tok, Deezer, and many other major music streaming platforms.


Making your music

If you want to get your music on Deezer, Soundcloud, iTunes, Apple Music and many other platforms, you will need to create good music. This means preparing a catchy song, looking for a decent music studio, and get a good sound engineer to help you mix the music. In today’s competitive music marketplace, your music value is as good as how catchy and quality your songs are. So to sell music online and make a lot of money from it, you have to make a practical plan to help you get everything right.


Collecting your payments

Before you proceed to finally upload your music online with a distributor, they will usually read out their terms and conditions to you. This is important. You have to take out time to understand that you read the fine prints. They will usually spell out the terms of the contract as well as how your payments will be remitted to you. When people stream and download your music, you get a percentage. This percentage is paid by the streaming platforms (who usually have millions of paying subscribers) to the distributor. The distributor in turn pays this money to you. They also send you frequent reports on royalty payments. This helps you monitor your earnings and validate the credibility of the distributor.

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