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Some of the Natural Ways of Treating Dog Separation Anxiety

We all love dogs. We see many people adopting dogs as their pets. However, according to studies, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety in dogs means a condition when a pet is extremely close to its owner and is disturbed when left alone. The anxiety kicks in within few minutes after the owner leaves.

The separation may cause change in the behavior of the dog, which is problematic and exhausting. Therefore, before things go out of hand, you need to take necessary precautions to treat separation anxiety. Many people go for medicines that may cause some serious and dangerous side effects. Hence, you need to prefer natural remedies for curing separation anxiety. One of the most valuable natural remedies is CBD.

CBD is a medicinal compound in cannabis plants. It has various therapeutic properties that help in healing chronic body pain, sore muscles, inflammation, stress, depression, anxiety, etc. CBD is also effective in treating skin-related issues and helps in keeping it healthy and moisturized. Apart from humans, CBD is also beneficial for pets.

CBD-infused products are in high demand. Various varieties of CBD products are available such as CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD bath bombs and soaps, CBD isolate, CBD vape oil, and many more. For dogs and other pets, you can use CBD dog oil or CBD treats for pets.

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Before undergoing treatment, you first need to understand the causes and symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs.

Causes of Separation Anxiety

One of the major causes of separation anxiety in dogs is they love you very much and they never want to stay away from you. Some other causes are:

  • Lack of social interaction
  • Abandoned at a very young age
  • Separated from mother at an early age
  • Feeling insecure

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

  • Scratching and digging the doors and windows
  • Barking and crying when left alone
  • Too much licking and chewing of paws
  • Peeing everywhere in the house
  • Destroying things

CBD for Treating Separation Anxiety

CBD oil, when enters our body, encounters the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for sending signals throughout our body. ECS receptors are available in every part of the body. CBD, along with ECS, helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It helps to keep everything balanced by eliminating the negative emotions and promoting a sense of happiness and calmness in the dogs.

CBD is the best natural remedy for treating separation anxiety in dogs and many other issues. You may also try other methods like playing some calm music or give them a good exercise before going out. You can also try placing some old clothes of yours for your pet to smell.


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