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Remodeling Home for Aging – Elders Can Stay Independent for Long!

Remodeling a home for aging allows you or the elderly member in the family to stay independent for long. A good renovation helps to enhance the aesthetics and functions of the home making it more comfortable and accessible for the future.

Custom home builder Richmond Hill has a competent team that shares a common goal of building high-quality exceptional homes. They have been committed to offering customized home aging renovations to homeowners around Cedar Hills for more than 20 years.

Tips for remodeling home for aging

Simple tips

  • Think about mobility space to make daily functions easier.
  • Change home into an open layout concept.
  • Accommodate master bedroom on the main level. Choose widening doors. If the main level is not an alternative to plan a bedroom then install stairlifts.
  • Replace the doorknobs with lever handles.
  • Install sensor lights at the entrance of every room.
  • Replace traditional faucets with motion control or blade handle models.
  • Eliminate the long hallways and if it is not possible widen room openings or doorways to a minimum of 36”.
  • Consider side-opening wall ovens rather than doors folding down in the front.
  • Lower the wall switches across the home for easy reach. If possible, install an illuminated version for safety.

Kitchen tips

  • If you can open up the kitchen. An open concept will offer space to move around without or with assistive devices.
  • You are not sure that your aging dear one or you will need a wheelchair or a walker in the future.
  • Eliminate throw rugs because they can cause trips & falls, instead install slip-resistant carpet or mats.
  • Install tailored storage solution in the cabinet for easy accessibility. For example, glide-out shelves in the lower cabinet and pull-down shelves in the upper cabinet offer comfort. Instead of knobs consider D-shaped handles for the cabinetry as they are easy to grip. For better visibility install recessed lighting to illuminate countertops and cabinetry.
  • Lower cooktop for easy access to the burners by someone from a wheelchair or short in height.

Bathroom tips

Mobility is a crucial area, which is a challenge in the bathroom for elderly people.

  • Add a bathroom to the main level and beside your bedroom [if you don’t have one].
  • Bathroom has to be large for ease of moving around the toilet, shower, and counter with or without supporting devices.
  • Install slip-resistant flooring.
  • Install a high toilet for enhanced accessibility and if you don’t desire to replace invest in a seat extender.
  • Consider automatic flushing setup.
  • A touch-less faucet will make washing easy in the sink.
  • Consider an adjustable shower head, so it can be used while sitting or standing.
  • Bathtub is hard to get in & out, so choose a curbless shower for easy accessibility.
  • Choose showers with anti-scalding temperature controls.
  • Include stylish grab bars near the bathtub or shower and even close to the toilet.

Planning in advance to address the challenges as we age is worth the time and effort when you plan to build a new home or plan to remodel. Some simple renovation fixes can help an elderly member or you to age in place and stay independent!


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Plumbing Assistance for Those Who Need

Among the most critical structures in the household was is the plumbing system. The home’s drainage method has many components, including your drainage management and water heating system. It is indeed critical to keep the main house drainage system in good working condition to make sure that this really runs smoothly. Plumbing repair work will help you avoid having to pay for expensive pipe fittings and replacements in the long term. It would also give clients the comfort of knowing that their house is a clean and secure place for them as well as the family.

Helping in the Maintenance:

Even the tiniest errors can have disastrous consequences. Inform the reputed plumber Sydney service to prevent excessive operational and maintenance assistance by detecting issues quickly. Improve one living area safety. Users preserve cash while also saving the surroundings when they work with reputed plumbing companies. It is better to think about update the plumbing methods around. Without any issues, they will be delighted to offer clients courteous and knowledgeable help. Therefore, do not avoid communicating properly with the company for the best outcomes.

Fixing water leakage, cleaning sluggish or blocked up drains, or decreasing calcium set up in the water are all facilities that a licensed plumber Sydney construction worker can offer. They will also provide sewage maintenance such as drainage pipe maintenance and renovation, drainage cleanings, and drainage pipe upgrade and fix, and even some repair or restore the heating system.

Cleaning services is the solution to all problems. They will see the Cleaning is comprised of a group of specialists plumber Sydney skilled in cleaning needs. Plumbing and Cleaning services is a group of people who enjoy their time. They still answer the phone when users ring. In a situation, they still try to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Highly Efficient Plumbing Process:

Strong plumbing infrastructure is likely in any house, and plumbing provides that for their clients. Consumers use water, therefore, in the manner for most of their daily activities. Washing, showering, and cooking are just a few examples of tasks that necessitate the use of water. This is why users must ensure that the plumbing process is highly efficient. These plumbing systems frequently malfunction, causing clients to be frustrated. Keep in mind that if the house has plumbing problems, the assets may be destroyed.

Furthermore, water is lost, increasing the amount of the water payment. If anyone finds themselves in this situation, they can surely employ a licenced plumber to come out and have some plumbing services. Plumbing situations occur even with normal plumbing repairs. For all those types of emergency circumstances, a licensed plumber provides emergency plumbing services.

Hiring Professionals:

A professional contractor will also help you mount or restore a recirculation pump. A licenced plumber can check the sump pump on a periodic basis for the concern and ensure it is in good working order. The licensed plumbers will help you decide which plumbing improvements are best for the clients and their house.

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Few Dangerous Situations You Can Avoid By Using Your Safety Logo Mats

Most of you must have encountered when you were distracted for a moment, as you must be thinking about a certain problem and you just slipped, tripped, or fell down. A stumbling down from a stairway, tripping over any uneven surface, or slipping on a clean floor can often lead to a bruised shin to a certain extremely serious injury.

As per the US Department of Labor, trips, slips, and falls can make up the most of general accidents in the industry, which may account for:

  • 15% of accidental deaths/year, and the second-leading cause just behind motor vehicles
  • Nearly 25% reported injury claims/fiscal year
  • 95+ million lost work-days/year – about 65% of all work-days lost

Generally, slips and trips may occur due to traction loss between your shoe and your walking surface which may often lead to your fall. Several situations can cause trips, slips, and falls. They are:

  • Clutter
  • Damaged ladder steps
  • Damaged/irregular steps
  • Dry floors having wood dust/powder
  • Electrical cords/cables
  • Gang planks and ramps without skid-resistant surfaces
  • Greasy or wet floors
  • Loose flooring
  • Metal surfaces
  • Missing/uneven floor bricks and tiles
  • Open desk/file cabinet drawers
  • Polished/freshly waxed floors
  • Shoes with muddy, wet, greasy/oily soles
  • Sloped walking surfaces
  • The transition from one type of floor to another
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Weather hazards
  • Wet leaves/pine needles

What you need will be safety logo mats that you can get from Ultimate Mats to keep your customers and employees safe from the dangerous situations as mentioned below:

  • Water on floors

Water on the floor may occur because of walking during any rainy day or immediately after mopping. Only a safety mat can warn customers of the wet floors.

  • Slips

Water is the most common reason for slipping that can often lead to a serious injury. Using the right kind of floor mats you can prevent such injury of your employees and clients.

  • Falls

Falls are one of the leading causes of broken bones. Try to prevent falls for your customer’s and employee’s safety by using safety mats.

  • Trips

Both trips and slips can cause a similar kind of injury. Often many people tend to move in certain unnatural ways to stop falling. You can warn people of potential obstructions by placing a safety mat.

  • Overhead obstructions

If you fail to notice can hit you on your head and can cause very serious injuries. Try to place any safety mat under the low-hanging overhead obstructions.

  • Machinery

Machinery can jut out in certain odd angles and could catch easily a person who may be walking by unawares. You must warn people of potentially dangerous locations with safety mats.

  • Divots

Often all flooring may not be perfect and there can be divots that cause any person to stumble. By using a safety mat you can emphasize such areas.

  • Apathy

If workers are not careful about their safety then it is a very big issue. By using safety logo mats you can remind workers about the benefits of remaining safe.

You can get many different varieties of floor mats from Ultimate Mats to avoid all these.

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Procedures For Clearing Space in Your Yard When You’re Ready to Expand Your Garden


Having a nursery is the ideal method to bring down your food charge and guarantee you’re eating the freshest vegetables and spices. Sometime, you should extend your nursery space.

Eliminating Grass

The speediest method to extend your nursery is to uncover the grass by hand. You can take the turf out and use it somewhere else. A simpler strategy for eliminating grass is the solarization technique. The solarization strategy utilizes the sun to eliminate grass, weeds, and any illness in the dirt.

Cover the territory with a dark or clear plastic canvas. The ground under the covering will sufficiently warm to sear the grass, weeds, and sickness. Contingent upon the climate, you could have another nursery region in about a month. In the event that there is still some grass, you can utilize a rototiller or delve the grass into the dirt and add manure.

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Managing Trees

On the off chance that you have a decent space of the yard you need to extend your nursery into, however there are trees, you can manage the branches or eliminate the tree. Eliminating a tree can be an exorbitant method to extend your nursery, yet it is an alternative.

Once in a while having the branches managed will permit sufficient sun into the extended nursery region. Before you choose managing and eliminating a tree, you ought to talk with a private tree care organization. On the off chance that managing the branches gives the region 3-6 hours of sun, there are a lot of vegetables that fill well in fractional sun.

Vertical Gardens

On the off chance that you can’t extend your nursery outward, grow it vertically. You can utilize lattice netting along a protection fence, under a deck, or on shafts to develop vegetables on plants.

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